Tuesday, May 30, 2017

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Jan 22


"If I sleep right now I'll have 6 hours and 34 minutes."

"If I sleep right now I'll have 4 hours and 13 minutes.”

“If I sleep right NOW I’ll have 3 hours and 25 minutes.”

“If I sleep right.... ah forget it! Where’s the coffee?”

Sound familiar to anyone? This is a nightly pattern of mine that occurs 2/3 times a month, sometimes more. If I’m going through a stressful time, either in work or in my personal life, then I’ll often face a whole week of sleepless nights ending with...

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Jan 22

Old School Diabetes Management

Now, as the ‘Fit Diabetics’, myself (Vanessa) and Georgia have A LOT in common. However, one thing that we don’t have in common is how we administer our insulin. I am an old school injection user, whilst Georgia is the owner of an insulin pump. These days, many diabetics I meet/contact are now a proud owner of an insulin pump, as they are becoming more and more readily available (however, funding isn’t always possible!).

If I am being completely honest, I do not know much about...

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Jan 3

I Will Do It In A Minute

Blood glucose testing, one of the most important behaviours involved in ensuring effective diabetes management, yet one of the biggest burdens about having the condition. BG testing is the main method that informs us as to how much glucose we have in our blood, with a target goal between 4-7mmol. But we can all relate to how hard reaching that goal consistently can be (imagine trying to hit the middle of a dart board!), but that is for another blog……what we want to focus on in...

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