Tuesday, May 30, 2017

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Apr 4

Diabetes and gut health.....important, yet ignored....

Vanessa here! 

  So yesterday I had my six monthly diabetic appointment with my nurse and diabetic specialist, which went incredibly well! In fact, I was literally in her office for 60 seconds! The conversation was:

Doctor: "Hba1c is perfect, thyroid is perfect, liver function and urine tests are good, what's your secret?"

Me: "I live a healthy lifestyle, eat well, train and partcipate in regular physical activity"

Doctor: "Well whatever it is doing keep it up! Do you have...

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Mar 19

Messages to our younger selves

Hi everyone,

Vanessa here! So it was my 25th birthday this week, which meant one thing.........treating myself to lots of cake and having a diabetes 'free' day as I call it. This does not mean that I don't inject or check my BG levels, as that would just be silly! This to me basically means enjoying treats that I wouldn't usually eat such as chocolate and cake, but injecting just that little more if I need to. And if my BG levels are a little high.....SO WHAT.....IT'S MY...

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Feb 21

Diabetes and the flu......not a great combo!

So this morning, I woke up with:

  • A piercing head ache
  • A blocked nose that was running like a tap...
  • Aches all over my body as if I had done a full body workout for hours on end (and that is something I love to do)
  • Toothache from blocked sinuses (who would have thought?!)
  • An intense feeling of lethargy and zero energy

.....even though these sound like the symptoms of a common cold, trust me this was much more intense than a common cold....I couldn't even bring myself to...

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