Tuesday, May 30, 2017

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Feb 9

Family Life

Here you can access and read all of our latest blogs that target family life and diabetes, or living with a loved one with diabetes.

Even if you do not have diabetes yourself, it is important to support the individual that does and take up little habits that may make living with the condition a bit more easier for them.

Here we talk about topics ranging from ‘what changes can be made within the household to make control easier’, all the way to ‘learning what to do when a loved...

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Feb 9

Health and Fitness

Here you can access and read all of our latest blogs that target all things diabetes and fitness.

We are both extremely passionate about keeping fit, strong and healthy, whilst most importantly, not letting diabetes stop us in our tracks.

Read about our thoughts, knowledge and experiences within the fitness industry and also gain ideas in the gym from our regular fitness video posts.

For further information on our health coaching services, please click here.

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Jan 23

Living for the weekend

As we are both in our mid 20’s, one thing that we both have experience with as diabetics (a lot of experience!) is socialising, clubbing and basically letting our hair down at the weekend. And most importantly, diabetes has never stopped us! We both believe that being able to enjoy ourselves, whether this involves a couple of drinks or not, is incredibly important, regardless of a diabetes diagnosis. We are both big fans of clubbing, festivals (involving camping), concerts,...

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