As a diabetic, it is often difficult to turn down foods that can ultimately have a negative effect on our BG levels, as well as satisfying that initial craving when avoiding such foods. So to help you make better choices and to replace unhealthy choices for healthy choices, we have gathered a list of alternative foods together to help improve your BG levels:


Normal Choice Healthy Alternative
 White potatoes  Sweet potatoes
 White bread  Wholemeal bread
 White wraps  Wholemeal wraps
 White rice  Brown rice
 Tinned baked beans  Kidney beans
 Sugary cereals (special K, bran flakes included)  Oats/Weetabix/Oatabix
 Milk (Skimmed, Semi-skimmed, full fat)  Almond milk (unsweetened)
 Biscuits  Rice cakes
Packet crisps Sweet potato/kale crisps
Milk chocolate Dark chocolate (70-90% cocoa)
Sweets (including desserts) Sugar free jelly
Pure fruit juices Coconut water
Bread sticks and hummus Carrot/cucumber sticks and cottage cheese
Cereal bars Yoghurt covered rice cakes

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