The Diabetic Health Coach                                 
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The Diabetic Health Coach

Are you looking for the guidance and support from a coach who also lives with Diabetes?

As a personal trainer, online coach and board certified behaviour analyst, I aim to help all my clients living with Diabetes like my self, to reach their health, fitness and mindset related goals.

Book an Initial Online Consultation with Vanessa

This call will give me a chance to get to know a little more about you and what your goals are, as well as allowing me to run through my coaching programme in more detail.

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What My Clients Say

"Before I started with Vanessa I lacked motivation and self belief in myself with my diabetes and fitness. But since signing up I was able to take back control and feel like I was in charge of my diabetes not the other way round."

Kayleigh Taylor

Kayleigh Taylor Client

"I don’t think I could recommend Vanessa highly enough. She is queen of patience, understanding and helpfulness and then is just the best health coach you could wish for. Vanessa has taught me so many things about my diabetes."

Tina Kerridge

Tina Kerridge Client

"Vanessa gave positive and helpful feedback during our weekly check-ins and was always on hand for constant support and mini check-ins throughout the week over Whatsapp." I would highly recommend anyone, with or without diabetes, to get it touch."


Kathryn Client

"I have not done any exercise or training for over a year or so now. I’d lost my focus and had no motivation to do any despite having gym membership. I felt the gym was uninspiring and as I work away from home a lot I felt I was getting into a rut."


Chris Newman Client

"Not only that she has give me the confidence to live with the condition focusing on diet and exercise. I would recommend her to anyone! Her passion for the job is second to none and she is someone to definitely be accountable towards."


Leigh Gornall Client

"Vanessa has enabled me to develop healthy eating habits, I've lost 18 lbs in first 3 months, my blood glucose is down and my fitness levels are way up. It is only now, 10 years after diagnosis, that I m feeling confident in managing my type 1 diabetes"


Rory Glover Client

Please Read

All the information provided by myself (Vanessa Haydock) - is based on my own experience living with Type 1 Diabetes, as well as my expertise as a personal trainer, nutritional advisor, life coach and board certified behaviour analyst (BCBA).

I am not a medical professional nor a dietician, therefore cannot give advice on medication requirements, information on medication, tailored macronutrient plans or supplementation advice to those with Diabetes.

If you have any queries regarding medication or macronutrients, it is advised that you consult your diabetes doctor/GP, dietician or other professional healthcare providers.

You should never manipulate medication, discontinue medication, nor introduce other medications because of information read on my social media sites or website.