Behaviour Analysis basically refers to the science of human behaviourwhich looks into understanding why we behave the way we do and how we can successfully modify behaviour for the better. It looks to identify the laws of behaviour, also referred to as behavioural principles, and how these principles influence behaviour. 

Based on the behavioural principles that govern the science of behaviour analysis, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is therefore the application of these principles/laws to increase socially significant behaviour, in this case…. healthy behaviour. ABA is a data driven approach, which implements scientifically validated interventions/strategies relevant to the behaviour of interest, followed by data collection and analysis of the behaviour. Without data, how are we to know if an intervention is working?

Over the years, more and more research has been conducted, looking into how the application of ABA based interventions can improve healthy behaviour, including:

  • Increasing physical activity 
  • Increasing fruit/vegetable consumption
  • Increasing movement
  • Improving medical adherence
  • Reducing consumption of high calorie foods
  • Increasing water consumption
  • Reducing smoking/alcohol consumption

…….the list is endless.

Research supports how ABA based interventions have been significantly effective at improving healthy behaviour and reducing unhealthy behaviour.

For some people, it is quite simple to implement strategies to improve their own behaviour, but for some, this may prove a lot more difficult and they may need more professional input.

This is where ABA comes in and the help from a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA). Click here for more information on my ABA based services to improve healthy behaviour.