Diabetes and the flu......not a great combo!

So this morning, I woke up with:

  • A piercing head ache
  • A blocked nose that was running like a tap...
  • Aches all over my body as if I had done a full body workout for hours on end (and that is something I love to do)
  • Toothache from blocked sinuses (who would have thought?!)
  • An intense feeling of lethargy and zero energy

.....even though these sound like the symptoms of a common cold, trust me this was much more intense than a common cold....I couldn't even bring myself to go to the gym...AND I LOVE THE GYM, NOT EVEN SPRAINED ANKLES STOP ME! Anyhow... this could only mean one thing.... the potential flu virus...


So how did I know that this could be the case....my BG levels, which were as high as my temperature for no reason! Great.....this is not what I need. The frustrating thing is that I had my flu jab a few months ago??? But rather than sitting and feeling sorry for myself, I am fighting through it in an appropriate way via rest, recovery and keeping a close eye on my BG levels. This is the problem when it comes to diabetes and illness....it hits us 10x as hard and we are unfortunately much more susceptible to catch bugs and other viruses...

What annoys me the most is the effect it has on our BG levels, I mean...knock us why we are already down diabetes! Moaning aside, this is just one of the things we need to accept and we need to continue to try our best to stabilise our levels. What is also important is proactively attempting to avoid as many illnesses as possible, via:

  • Keeping BG levels as stable as possible 
  • Eating healthily and avoiding foods that have a negative effect on my gut bacteria.....

Gut bacteria you say? Well I know for a fact this is what has caused me to become ill. How you say?


So...... I am a bit of a health geek... everything I eat is organic, freshly prepared and free from anything artificial (including sweetener and other preservatives). I drink a lot of fermented kefir to feed my body with healthy gut bacteria and take daily probiotics, something that has stopped me from getting ill for over 3 years! But..... as a 24 year old does, I had a blow out at the weekend as I went out for my friends birthday.....

So what did this involve:

  • Alcohol
  • Junk food 
  • Sweetener (diet drinks)
  • Cake.....
  • A high BG level

Basically, all the things I avoid putting in my body to allow my gut lining to flourish.....I consumed. So what happened as soon as I consumed these.... my immune system caved and I became ill..... meaning my good bacteria were suffocated by bad bacteria, causing me to be much more susceptible to illness :(

No way you say? What a load of rubbish?! But I know my body and this always happens....as soon as I have a blow out and consume anything my body doesn't agree with...BOOM illness strikes. So what I am trying to get at is, a healthy diet is so important to maintain optimal health and wellbeing. I am not saying DON'T EAT THIS OR DRINK THAT......everyone is different and I seem to be much more sensitive to certain food/drink than others.....but as a diabetic, I would say that a well balanced, healthy diet is essential for keeping those bugs at bay. And in terms of treating illness, the most important thing to do is.....REST REST REST!!!

Anyways...I am sure this will pass and I am getting used to the feeling of having tissue stuck up my nose (yes it really is that bad!). 

Thanks for reading!





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