Living for the weekend

As we are both in our mid 20’s, one thing that we both have experience with as diabetics (a lot of experience!) is socialising, clubbing and basically letting our hair down at the weekend. And most importantly, diabetes has never stopped us! We both believe that being able to enjoy ourselves, whether this involves a couple of drinks or not, is incredibly important, regardless of a diabetes diagnosis. We are both big fans of clubbing, festivals (involving camping), concerts,...

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"If I sleep right now I'll have 6 hours and 34 minutes."

"If I sleep right now I'll have 4 hours and 13 minutes.”

“If I sleep right NOW I’ll have 3 hours and 25 minutes.”

“If I sleep right.... ah forget it! Where’s the coffee?”

Sound familiar to anyone? This is a nightly pattern of mine that occurs 2/3 times a month, sometimes more. If I’m going through a stressful time, either in work or in my personal life, then I’ll often face a whole week of sleepless nights ending with...

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Fitness Not Fatness

You're Diabetic, but you are not fat? Did you get diabetes from being overweight? If they are fat they probably have diabetes.

Terms which we are sick to death of hearing about, and we are sure plenty of other diabetics would agree. What is it that makes the word Diabetes associated with fatness and not fitness…..the media of course and their inability to distinguish between T1 and T2!

Yes T2 diabetes is associated with being overweight, but not for everyone!

We still need to...

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