A step to step guide to injecting insulin safely (insulin pen)

  1. Change the needle on the end of the pen. Always ensure a fresh needle is used as multiple use of the same needle can affect the efficiency of the shot.
  2. When the new needle has been inserted, turn up to 2 units and press the top of the pen to ensure there are no air bubbles and to ensure there are not blockages in the needle.
  3. When choosing a sight to inject in, opt for somewhere with fatty tissue, such as the legs, arms, stomach or bottom. Always ensure you consistently rotate injection sites to avoid the development of bruising and lipoatrophy (swelling and build-up of fatty tissue caused by insulin).
  4. Ensure the area you are about to inject in is clean.
  5. Turn the pen to the correct amount of insulin to administer.
  6. Pinch the area lightly with one hand.
  7. With the other hand, insert the needle and slowly press down on the top of the pen to administer the insulin, making sure you are not pressing down too hard.
  8. Once the pen reaches 0, hold the top of the pen down for 5-10 seconds to ensure all the insulin has been administered.
  9. Slowly take the needle out and put pressure on the area you have injected with the tips of your fingers.
  10. Take the needle head off the insulin pen and place in a needle dispenser.

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