1. Unhook the tubing from your tummy/thigh/arm – wherever you’ve got the pump attached.
  2. Twist out the insulin reservoir
  3. Set your pump to rewind – different pumps have different menus
  4. Once rewound, open the new infusion set pack and peel back the sticky wings of the needle end half way
  5. Pull back the ‘Quick-serter’ so that it’s charged and place the needle end of the infusion set into the quick-serter, ensuring that the blue handle of the needle is lined up correctly.
  6. Hold the infusion set in the quick-serter and pull the sticky wings all the way off together with the needle cover.
  7. Choose a site on your tummy/thigh/bum – wherever it feels comfortable for you, and give it a clean with an alcoholic wipe.
  8. Place the quick-serter onto the chosen site and press the two white buttons to release the needle into your skin.
  9. Take off the quick-serter, remove the needle and flip the cover over so it’s protected.
  10. Gently press the adhesive pad around the site to make sure it’s stuck down properly – if you feel a stinging sensation this is normal and it will usually fade after a few minutes.
  11. Twist the end of the tubing and take it off the sticky patch.
  12. Fill the reservoir syringe with insulin and detach the needle from the top and unscrew the bottom of the syringe.
  13. Place the top of the tubing onto the top of the reservoir by pushing down and twisting until it’s tight.
  14. Insert the reservoir into the pump and begin the step by step process of filling the tubing on the pump – again, different pumps have different menus but they are usually self-explanatory.
  15. Make sure basal rate is resumed and test your blood sugar, continue to test your sugar every hour until you are satisfied the set change has been successful.

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