2 The Diabetic health coach

As an individual living with Diabetes myself, I understand how it can make achieving fitness related goals a little more difficult, and how some coaches without Diabetes do not fully understand these difficulties we face day to day. I also understand how hard Diabetes management can be and how frustrating day to day control usually is. However, I aim to guide my clients in the right direction and support them along their journey. The services for people living with Diabetes include:

1:1 Personal training sessions

As a qualified personal trainer and nutritionalist, I offer 1:1 personal training sessions within the Lancashire area (UK). For more information on pricing and availability, please contact me.

Using my expertise in both fitness, strength/conditioning and nutrition, I will aim to help my 1:1 clients with Diabetes work towards their fitness related goals, whether weight loss, muscle gain, muscle tone, or general improvement in fitness levels. I am currently based at the ‘FitBox studio’, a private gym located in the Buckshaw village area. Please email for more details on location and cost.

Online health/fitness coaching

I also offer online health and fitness coachingfor those living with Diabetes (both T1 or T2), which involves providing online nutritional advice, a regularly modified training plan (home or gym), along with regular contact via phone and email. I also incorporate a lot of behaviour change strategies into my service, in order for individuals to create healthier, lasting habits (i.e. goal setting, reinforcement schedules), using my knowledge as a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA). Again, I aim to help all my Diabetic clients achieve their health/fitness related goals online. All clients send in a weekly check in with measurements, photos, BG level summaries and food diaries (if applicable), whereby I modify advice and plans dependent on each check in. Please contact me  for more info on packages and costs.

Online Diabetes behaviour change coaching

As a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA, MSc, BSc), using my expertise, I offer online Diabetes behaviour change coaching to help increase healthy behaviours amongst those with living Diabetes, appropriate for effective diabetes management, using interventions and principles based on the science of behaviour analysis. This can include:

  • Increasing adherence to BG level checking
  • Improving diet to aid better Diabetes control
  • Increasing activity to aid better Diabetes control
  • Reducing unhealthy habits which sabotage Diabetes control

I focus on scientifically proven strategies to increase healthy habits such as goal setting, reinforcement schedules, token economy/reward systems etc. For more information on my behaviour change coaching services, please contact me.

1:1 Personal Training

I offer 1:1 personal training sessions and coaching, helping my Diabetic clients work towards their fitness related goals, whether fat loss, muscle gain, or building up their fitness levels and confidence in the gym.

Behaviour Change

I am a qualified Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA), with a Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Using my expertise, I offer online Diabetes behaviour change coaching, to help improve healthy behaviours that better compliment adequate Diabetes control.

Online Coaching

I offer online health and fitness coaching for those with Diabetes, to help work towards a specific health or fitness related goal, whether fat loss, muscle gain or improved wellbeing

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