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As well as my online services, as a qualified level 3 personal trainer, I also offer 1:1 personal training sessions within the Lancashire area (UK), currently based at the ‘FitBox studio’, a private gym located in the Buckshaw village area. Currently specialising in:

  • Fat loss
  • Strength/conditioning training
  • Mobility and flexibility

I aim to help my 1:1 clients work towards their individualised goals, whether fat loss, muscle gain, or general improvement in fitness levels, whilst also educating my clients how to train safely and effectively. Each 1:1 session will be programmed accordingly following the initial assessment of each client’s current fitness levels, mobility and flexibility, and based on their individual goals.

My face to face coaching includes the following:

  • 1:1 training sessions (lasting 1 hour)
  • Individualised training plan (Home or gym)
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Access to members area
  • Regular contact with coach
  • Goal setting strategies
  • Monthly progress reviews

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TESTIMONIAL – “I absolutely love my sessions with Vanessa. Not only does she make the sessions enjoyable, but she also places a big emphasis on form and progression with each exercise, helping to boost my confidence and strength in sessions – thank you Vanessa!”

Limited spaces available

1:1 Personal Training Sessions

All pricing and packages will be discussed in more detail during the initial consultation call

Limited Spaces Available

Please Read

All the information provided by myself (Vanessa Haydock) - is based on my own experience living with Type 1 Diabetes, as well as my expertise as a personal trainer, nutritional advisor, life coach and board certified behaviour analyst (BCBA).

I am not a medical professional nor a dietician, therefore cannot give advice on medication requirements, information on medication, tailored macronutrient plans or supplementation advice to those with Diabetes.

If you have any queries regarding medication or macronutrients, it is advised that you consult your diabetes doctor/GP, dietician or other professional healthcare providers.

You should never manipulate medication, discontinue medication, nor introduce other medications because of information read on my social media sites or website.