slider 3Do you have a specific habit/behaviour that you are wanting to increase or decrease? Do you find it difficult to alter unhealthy habits and behaviour on your own?

As a coach who is also a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA), I aim to use my expertise to help individuals to increase, improve and modify healthy behaviours and to decrease unhealthy behaviour, in order to reinforce a healthier way of living.  I am one of the first BCBA’s in the UK to focus on helping people to improve their health-related behaviours to compliment a healthier lifestyle, using the science of Behaviour Analysis.  

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is the application of the science of human behaviour – why we behave the way we do. By understanding the science behind why behaviour occurs, this allows us to understand how we can change it for the better – this is the job of a behaviour analyst.

For some….. healthy changes to behaviour can be made with simple life style modifications, but for others, habits are very hard to break, which could be causing damage to overall health (e.g. obesity, smoking, alcohol consumption, increased sugar intake). For example, your doctor may have told you that you need to move more or consume less of something, but you are struggling to do this alone. This is where the beauty of behaviour analysis comes in (Please note, this dives in a lot deeper than typical coaching/behaviour change strategies that most fitness coaches focus on).

An example of the health-related behaviour I work on modifying with clients include:

  • Desensitisation to new foods (e.g. fruit and vegetables)
  • Increasing the consumption of healthy food choices (e.g. fruit and vegetables, protein)
  • Quitting smoking
  • Reducing consumption of alcohol/fizzy drinks/coffee
  • Reducing consumption of higher calorie foods (in replacement for lower calorie foods)
  • Increasing daily physical activity (steps, exercise, sports)
  • Reducing snacking or mindless eating (habit reversal)
  • Increasing adherence to medical regimes (e.g. increasing BG checking)

(The maintenance of these behaviours is also taken into account)

  • Assessment of current baseline of target behaviour
  • Individualised interventions implemented
  • Goal setting strategies (SMART)
  • Weekly check ins to monitor progress
  • Regular contact via WhatsApp
  • Access to my Facebook members area
  • Programming for maintenance of new habits/behaviours

Health Behavior Change Consultation

  One Behaviour or Habit Two Behaviours or Habits
Cost (£) Per Month   £150 £200

Limited spaces available

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