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Are you someone with Diabetes with a specific health and fitness goal? Are you wanting to drop body fat or completely change your body composition, build lean tissue or just simply improve overall health and fitness levels? Are you looking for a coach who also lives and breathes Diabetes? Well my online coaching service is just for you! 

My online coaching service focuses on helping individuals living with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes achieve their personal health/fitness related goals, whether related to:
  • Improving healthy habits
  • Improving fitness levels
  • Fat loss
  • Building muscle mass 
  • Body transformations 
  • Improving healthy behaviour and habits to support Diabetes control. 
My online health and fitness coaching is an individualised service, tailored specifically for those living with Diabetes like myself. 

This service involves:

  • Goal setting
  • Individualised check in/coaching spreadsheet<
  • Weekly check ins
  • Individualised training plan to follow outside of training sessions (home or gym) modified every 6-8 weeks 
  • Individualised nutrition guidance
  • Daily/weekly contact and support via WhatsApp 
  • Access to Diabetic members area
  • Option for bi-weekly Skype calls

As a Behaviour Analyst (BCBA), I also incorporate a lot of scientifically backed behaviour change strategies into my online services, in order to help individuals, create healthy, long term habits and behaviours (e.g. goal setting, reinforcement schedules, shaping etc.). All clients are required to send in a weekly check in, which involves filling in their personalised check in spreadsheet, taking measurements and progress photos (if applicable). Modifications are made based on progress weekly. Clients are regularly contacted by myself to increase accountability and motivation.

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“Vanessa has helped me to accept my Diabetes and learn to live with it as opposed to living against it. My confidence has increased so much!”

Online Diabetes Life Coaching

Limited Spaces Available